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Happy Nowruz!
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People Cards - Persian PostCards, Pictures & Photographs
Abidar(Safary)Street,Sanandaj city
شاری سنه
Abidar Street
Kurdish bazaar
Senna Bazaar
Kurdish wedding,Ghatar-chyan quarter,Sanandaj City rug
Kurdish wedding
Awyar recreational park,Eastern Kurdistan,Sanandaj city
سه‌يرانگای ئه‌ميريه
circus show
Eastern Kurdistan,Awiar recreational park,Senna(Sanandaj)city
سه‌يرانگای ئه‌ميريه
Kurdish Family
Three Kurdish men,Three  men and a Baby!
سی پياوی چاک
Three Kurdish men
Eastern Kurdistan,Awyar park,Senna(Sanandaj)city
سه‌يرانگای ئه‌ميريه
Eastern Kurdistan,Abidar Natural park,Senna(Sanandaj)city
سه‌يرانگای ئه‌ميريه
Local show
Eastern Kurdistan,Awyar Natural park,Senna(Sanandaj)city
سه‌يرانگای ئه‌ميريه
Amirya Park
Awiar Mount near Senna(Sanandaj)city
کيفی ئا‌ويه‌ر-سنه
Awiar Mount
Awyar Mount near Senna(Sanandaj)city
کيفی ئا‌ويه‌ر-سنه
Awiar Mount
Old Kurdish house,Kurdish Teens
مه‌حه‌له‌ی به‌رده‌شت
Kurdish boys

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Today's Quote: When you are totally exhausted but have to keep going, wash your face and hands and put on clean socks and a clean shirt. You will feel remarkably refreshed.
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